Melita's dreams of becoming a hard-hitting journalist were dashed when, having completed her BA in Mass Communications (with majors in journalism and marketing), she discovered writing news stories about politics, sport and education was like pulling teeth. Her own teeth.

So, upon stints eating her way through Bangkok as a food writer and writing her way through New York while moonlighting as a dog walker, Melita thought she'd try something 'different' by studying graphic design. A career in advertising soon ensued. And so, while this pint-sized, award-winning, art-directing copywriter is not one to fit into a box, she ticks as many as possible.

Outside her day job, Melita continues her love for storytelling by writing about the weird and fascinating people who inspire her. She can also be found on the river in her wooden rowboat Mon Petit; eating too much cheese; attempting to align her book-reading and book-buying habits; and, translating into human-speak the deep inner thoughts of her dog Banjo. 


in short

Art-directing Copywriter
Creative Strategist
Professional Dilettante
Part-time Scallywag