Oh baby, I think we've gone too far.

They’re slouching, pouting, preening, brooding. They’re wearing beige trench coats, knotted belts and oversized sunglasses. And they can barely do their times tables or tie their shoelaces but this is no sweeping generalisation of models. These mini-me’s are probably still learning that stuff in their Year Two class. Yep, I’m having a rant.

Australian retailer Witchery is the latest adult label to reveal a children’s range, and has amassed strong criticism for turning kids into diva-inspired adults.

While the images of miniature models strutting their stuff and wearing getups that replicate their adult counterparts are oddly fascinating, and dare I say it — cute at times, it strikes me as a strong reminder of where our world is headed. Or already arrived at.

While it might only be one or two images out of the label’s campaign for kids that appear provocative or sassy, I feel it only takes a couple here and a couple there from every label like this to make seeing kids in this very adult-like way quite the norm.

What’s interesting is that WitcheryKids touts on its website that it is a “playful, candid and real” label. Show me kids out there who naturally look, act and dress this way without disturbing influence from the adult-world and maybe I’ll buy into it.

But honestly, is this cool?